Ray's Vision
Ray's Vision
Ray's Vision

Action Kamloops 2022

Vision for our future – Ray Dhaliwal for Kamloops Mayor 2022

Ray Dhaliwal is a shrewd and experienced business professional with a keen eye for detail. He has a long history of working in the financial sector, and has maintained a focus on keeping taxes and spending under control. Ray is committed to creating a safe and secure community, and feels that this is one of Kamloops’ main issues at the moment. The city has experienced unprecedented growth in crime and open drug use, and more police presence and community services officers are needed to patrol the streets.

Ray will work tirelessly with the Provincial and Federal Governments to come up with solutions that will work for our community. He is also passionate about attainable housing, which he believes is one of Kamloops’ immediate needs. Households should not need to spend more than 30% of their income on housing costs, so Ray will work to create more affordable housing options in Kamloops.

Ray is a Kamloops native who wants to see his city thrive. He has a vision of a community center that is accessible and affordable for all, with ample space for seniors to congregate and enjoy activities they love. Ray also believes in the importance of promoting physical activity, which is why he envisions more sports facilities in Kamloops, including more ice surfaces and pools. Additionally, Ray feels passionately about creating safe spaces for cyclists in Kamloops. 

Ray Dhaliwal has been a businessman for over 50 years. Throughout his career, he has seen the importance of working together and having a clear plan in order to achieve success. As your future mayor, Ray will work hard to have a program put in place that will get the transportation infrastructure repaired and enhanced. He also believes that progressive zoning will allow more homes for everyone and he will reduce the time spent getting a permit by hiring more people or staff as needed to reduce the delays on granting the permits.

Ray knows that our city needs more land developed for residential and commercial buildings, and he has a plan in place to make this happen. With Ray as your mayor, you can be sure that your city will grow into the future!

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